Meet ViriCiti in the United States

17 NOVEMBER 2015

Next week, two representatives from ViriCiti will make a business trip to the United States of America. Managing Director Freek Dielissen and Head of Sales Alexander Schabert will travel to the West Coast to visit existing and potential customers.

Freek and Alexander will visit the San Francisco Bay Area and the Los Angeles region. If you are interested in hearing more about the business and finding out how ViriCiti can improve your commercial electric vehicles, please feel free to contact us and they will gladly come by for a non-committal meeting.

Freek and Alexander will be in the SF Bay Area from November 26 till December 1st. From December 2nd till December 4th, they will visit the LA region.

About ViriCiti
ViriCiti offers cloud-based telematics services to improve electric vehicle operations. ViriCiti believes that electric vehicles run significantly further and more reliable with online energy management. Up till now, the driver was always responsible in making sure that enough energy is available to drive the planned routes. ViriCiti breaks this paradigm and moves the energy responsibility in the cloud. Here, there is access to many other data sources and energy consumption can be planned in far more detail and much more in advance.

Please contact Loetje de Voogt for more information or to make an appointment.

About ViriCiti

ViriCiti, founded in 2012, offers a cloud-based monitoring system to improve electric vehicle operations. ViriCiti believes that online energy management is the missing link to full adoption of electric city buses and trucks. By monitoring and analyzing data from electric vehicles up to millisecond level, real-time information on the use, condition and performance of the vehicle can be provided. With these insights, electric city buses and trucks run further, more reliable and at lower cost.