First energy route planner for electric buses and trucks

ViriCiti and Simacan have finalized their collaboration project ‘EV Fleet Analyzer’. This online tool is the first to predict the energy consumption for electric vehicles based on road segmentation and vehicle data. This way, feasibility of deploying electric vehicles can be accurately predicted for routes that have never been driven before.

EV Fleet Analyzer

Two years ago, ViriCiti and Simacan started a partnership in which they combined their core businesses to develop the ‘EV Fleet Analyzer’; an online tool that aims to increase the use of electric vehicles. The result is an online planner that predicts the energy consumption for electric vehicles per route. This way the feasibility of electrically driven routes is instantly visible online.

How does the EV Fleet Analyzer work?

By using the tool, companies that will deploy electric vehicles can plot any route for a specific day. The Analyzer then calculates the feasibility in terms of energy and takes into account specific vehicle- and battery types together with traffic, temperatures and the road-type that the vehicle will drive on.


The EV Fleet Analyzer distinguishes between road segments and assigns an energy profile to each part. In terms of speed, curves and braking, a village road has different characteristics than a highway. By adding these parts together, the total energy consumption is calculated. The external mapping data was provided by Simacan, specialized in applying geo-spatial data in logistic operations.

Vehicle data

ViriCiti provides real-time insights for electric commercial vehicles and by using a big data approach, vehicle data of different types and efficiency was measured. By overlaying specific vehicle details such as mass and type as well as route-specific information such as time and weather, comprehensive energy predictions are made.

Driver Statistics

The EV Fleet Analyzer does not take into account driver behavior as of yet. However, ViriCiti is working on developing a correlation between road profiles and driver behavior to incorporate this into driver feedback. When this data is linked together, accurate numbers will help companies to train their drivers on how to drive more efficiently.

Results & implementation

The EV Fleet Analyzer has been tested for electric trucks. Now, the tool will be deployed for electric buses so that routes that have never been driven before can be analyzed for planning purposes and during concession periods. ViriCiti will incorporate the energy planner in their system so that customers know beforehand if a specific route is feasible. Simacan has incorporated the tool into their Control Tower.

 "The explosive growth of online shopping poses serious challenges to cities where the increasing demand for home delivery is putting stress on environment and safety regulations. The EV Fleet Analyzer allows transport providers to determine which of their trips can be executed by an electric truck. For each plotted delivery, the remaining charge is displayed – without having to purchase a single EV truck. The tool will support our customers in making informed purchase decisions in EV trucks and support them during their daily operations." 

Felix Faassen.  Founder & CTO @Simacan

“The tool is a very efficient planning solution as it looks at all energy consuming characteristics of both routes and vehicles; not just at distance. It predicts the feasibility of any combination of routes driven with a specific vehicle. The tool also incorporates diesel vehicles. This way planners can use it for all vehicles in their mixed fleets.”

Erwin Poeze. Sr Machine Learning Engineer @ ViriCiti.  
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About ViriCiti

ViriCiti, founded in 2012, offers a cloud-based monitoring system to improve electric vehicle operations. ViriCiti believes that online energy management is the missing link to full adoption of electric city buses and trucks. By monitoring and analyzing data from electric vehicles up to millisecond level, real-time information on the use, condition and performance of the vehicle can be provided. With these insights, electric city buses and trucks run further, more reliable and at lower cost.